Zoning entitlements and regulations can be cumbersome and complicated to navigate. As an expert in the Metro Nashville zoning including zoning overlays, historic overlays, design guidelines, Specific Plans, and subdivision regulations, Joni will fully assess the rights and rules governing a property.

All pertinent information –  including uses, height, maximum square footage, parking, density, and other standards – is included in a zoning analysis.

Processes for approval – whether a simple approval by the zoning administration or something more complicated such as Historic review, design review, or Planning Commission review – are also included in a zoning analysis.

You can be assured that the zoning analysis is a thorough and fair understanding of the entitlements and regulations for the property.


Planning policies are the tool that Planning staff and Planning Commissioners use to judge requests for zoning changes and subdivisions.

A policy analysis is an important part of understanding the full potential of a property. A policy analysis includes the potential uses, density, and design guidelines of the property.

Joni’s experiences as an author of the Community Character Manual and of several Community Plans, and as a contributor to the NashvilleNext process, uniquely qualify her to create a thorough and comprehensive policy analysis for your property.


Community engagement is an important tool to move through a request for a zoning change. With experience in the public sector and private sector, Joni understands the importance community engagement that facilitates fruitful discussion in a setting of respect and mutual understanding.

Largely dependent on the details of a site-specific zoning analysis and policy analysis, a community engagement plan is a task list and calendar for approaching community leaders, elected officials, city administrators, and neighborhood organizations.

Given the wide variety of communities in Nashville, a community engagement plan is customized for the specific needs and logistics of the specified property.

While Joni's expertise is in the zoning of Davidson County, she is well versed in the zoning of surrounding counties and is available to work throughout Middle Tennessee.

Joni is also available for customized specialty services such as representation, public presentations, design charrettes, and advocacy throughout the approval process.